Boots 'n Beer Logo (Updated) (4)Boots N Beer, “a drinking club with a hiking problem” received a federal service mark registration for its logo and tag line on March 1, 2016. This is a significant step for this tax exempt non-profit organization. The logo and tag line are a result of “tongue in cheek” banter amongst some of its founding members which took place on the trail and in a pub over frosty brews as drafts of the logo were drawn on tavern napkins. Nevertheless, it will enable the organization which is a Virginia corporation called Boots N Beer Charities, Inc. to expand its charitable endeavors and create more awareness about its underlying mission.

The organization started as the brain child of Jim Carson, the President of Carson Land Consultants a Warrenton based civil engineering, land planning and land surveying firm. It was an opportunity for local Warrenton area businessmen for one day a month to get away from obligations and the press of life and business to reconnect with themselves, their friends and the beauty of the Virginia hills and country side. Business talk was absolutely prohibited.

Now, Boots N Beer organizes several hikes each month from the original “Pilsner” Hikes to the more challenging “Stout Hikes” and hiking clinics and family outings. Most significantly, is that the organization is continuing and expanding its charitable activities such as blood drives and supporting organizations which raise funds to combat cancer and conduct environmental restoration projects such as Finley’s Green Leap Forward which was founded by Finley Broaddus the daughter of charter member, Ike Broaddus, a principal owner and co-founder of Old Bust Head Brewing Company. Boots and Beer Charities, Inc. exemplifies the great network for good which exists in the Virginia Piedmont region.

The federal registration of the logo and tag line, prosecuted by Bert van Gils, another charter member, will enable the organization to greatly expand its charitable efforts. While the problems of the world can seem overwhelming, reconnecting with your true self and doing good in your local community can bring about great and positive change you may not have imagined when you started.