Mr. Van Gils and I have been working together for almost 5 years. During that time Bert has not only been the most professional and personable attorney I have hired, but he has also gone that extra mile to ensure I feel at ease knowing he is working diligently on my case. His fees are extremely reasonable compared to other attorneys. His quality of service is set at a bar higher than any other attorney relationship I have encountered in over 20 years. I want to personally thank Bert and his staff for helping me during many difficult years. You are the reason I haven’t given up on lawyers at this point. God bless you in all that comes your way. I wish you much prosperty, health and happiness for being the exceptional human being that you are.

Tee Dawn


“Bert’s honesty and trustworthiness have struck me the most since our company began working with him. His guidance has proven valuable. Over the last two years that we have been working with Bert, he has extended his courtesy far beyond our expectations. We fully recommend his services to anyone seeking counsel.”

Levi Kunkel
Chief Technology Officer
Lucid Group, LLC


“Bert is one of those rare attorneys that balances his knowledge of law with solid business expertise and common sense.

Tony Tedeschi
Piedmont Press & Graphics


“Bert is a true legal professional packaged with personality and a caring focus on the customer. I have known and worked with Bert for many years as a volunteer and community advocate – he cares a lot about his clients and Fauquier County. We have had the opportunity to work with Bert on some personal and business related issues and have found him to be superb! Bert takes a very non-traditional, pro-active approach to law and tries to find ways to make things happen instead of telling his clients “No, you can’t do that!”  If you have a start-up business, or one that is established, you will be well-served to meet with Bert to have him review your commercial contracts, employee agreements, and/or your will & estate documents. Bert is a wizard at cutting through the minutia and he gets things done, and done well. I highly recommend Bert for your pro-active business or personal legal needs – he will keep you out of trouble which is a really good thing in business especially! A++++++++++++!

Dennis Taylor
Chief Operating Officer
Paradigm Solutions

“I have known Bert van Gils for nearly 10 years and he has always demonstrated a high standard of professional ethics.  I can conscientiously endorse and recommend Bert.  As a business owner, there are risks and responsibilities.  As a small business owner, the burden of the risk and responsibilities fall on you, the owner.  You are responsible for all of it.  To manage risk responsibly and with full confidence,  For me, that means three (3) things: A good insurance policy, good accounting, and great legal advice.  For great legal advice for my business, I call on Bert.  Over the years, Bert has been there for me when I have needed Legal advice for my business.   Bert has always been reasonable in his charges and dependable in services, making legal services affordable.  Bert has allowed me to be able to run my business in a more confident, efficient manor.

Thomas H. Wotton
Home Sweet Home Improvements, LLC

“Over the years, Bert handled legal matters, such as incorporation, for my business. What continues to impress me about Bert is that he is always so approachable. No question is stupid, and he genuinely wants his clients to understand the possibilities. He always takes the time to share his hard-earned legal/business knowledge. I always recommended Bert to other business colleagues, and I know every person I sent to Bert was more than happy with the work he did for him or her. I highly recommend Bert van Gils as an attorney, a business man, an educator and a great person.

Mary Gillen
Web Developer /Tech Trainer/Writer

“My relationship with Bert is both professional and personal. I have exchanged business referrals, utilized his legal services for my personal and business matters. Bert is an experienced business attorney that I trust. He will go the “extra mile” to assist you with your legal issues.

Janice Sutton
Janice S. Sutton, Insurance Agency

“Bert exhibits a strategic focus with a nice and easy approach. You can rely on his expertise regarding business affairs and legal expertise. He works well serving as a team member on a committee or a partner on a project. Very dependable!

Anne Michael Greene
Principal Broker / Realtor
Fauquier Realty, Inc.

Brian Roeder
Barrel Oak Winery