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Van Gils Law Firm, About, Picture of Bernard “Bert” van Gils

Attorney Bernard (Bert) van Gils has more than thirty years of experience providing comprehensive business services to a wide variety of businesses on a broad range of issues from initial startup and organization to guiding a business through complex transactions domestically and overseas.

Clients are impressed by his responsiveness and understanding of the unique issues facing them. His goal is to develop long, stable relationships with each client. His advice is practical and solution-oriented.

When retained, Mr. van Gils becomes a valuable part of your business team. He works well with other professionals to implement comprehensive and effective strategies. He strives to understand the full context of legal, technical, business and financial issues facing each client.

Some examples of transactions conducted by Bert van Gils include:

  • Arranged and negotiated partnering, joint venture and licensing agreements between local technology companies to obtain state, federal and international contracting opportunities for their mutual benefit.
  • Organized and developed a music production and publishing company by bringing producers, artists and writers together.
  • Implemented world wide copyright and trademark protection for text, logos and slogans for overseas clients.
  • Established many businesses in the retail and service sector and guided many others through the franchising process.
  • Developed master franchise agreements for implementation overseas.

Business Law Services:

Attorney Bernard (Bert) van Gils has more than 25 years of experience advising and representing clients in international commercial transactions and legal compliance matters.
While the success of an individual franchisee is in a franchiser's interest, the franchiser will present a franchise agreement from its own legal team which is clearly in its favor.
A copyright protects work that is fixed in a tangible medium such as  a book, photograph, manuscript, musical score, painting or sculpture from unauthorized copying.
A “non-profit” organization is in essence, a business. Even though the end objective does not entail making profit for its owners, other business attributes are the same.
Counseling is provided to entrepreneurs and investors in the initial stages of business formation including choice of entity, capitalization, buy-sell agreements, and equity compensation plans.
Most business litigation can be prevented with proper planning and preparation of a firm legal foundation for the business.