Bert van Gils provides personal, empathetic and foresightful estate planning to help assure that family property is passed to the intended recipients and protected from lawsuits and taxation.

Through the appropriate and judicious use of wills, trusts and, at times, certain business models such as a family limited partnership, a family’s objectives can be achieved and its assets protected. More valuable than the protection of property is the care and protection for minor children in the event of accidents and unforeseen illness.

Even those with seemingly modest means have an estate —and several strategies to choose from to ensure assets are distributed according to specific desires in a timely fashion. One size does not fit all. The right strategy depends on your individual circumstances and having an attorney who takes time to listen and truly care. There are many times that a living trust will achieve the objectives desired and a will, by itself, would not be adequate or even wise. Every client has worked hard for what they have and a good attorney should be mindful and respectful of that fact. Included with the expertise of drafting estate documents is the expertise of getting to know, and wanting to know, the client and his or her family. Time should be taken to obtain a firm knowledge of the client’s estate and goals and concerns. There are often many issues and concerns of which the client is not immediately aware. A client’s needs and goals must be understood. The attorney should then make the various estate tools at the client’s disposal, and the reasons for using each, understandable.  For more information Email our Office.